Volunteer Race Officials

We are looking for dedicated people who are willing to pitch in their time to be part of the organising team during the race. To be honest, we can’t guarantee that you will get a lot of sleep, have easy tasks to do, or get lots of free time. However, we do think you will meet lots of interesting people, experience an amazing event, and take away some great memories.

Most volunteers will be required for the full duration of the race. You will need to be at the event centre for a day of training prior to the race. Likely duties will include manning checkpoints, working in the race HQ, moving team equipment around the course and assisting media and VIPs.

As a part of the event you receive lots of thanks and satisfaction, a bunch of goodies and are also eligible for the Geocentric VIP – Volunteers Incentive Program , (a points system in which you can work your way towards a free entry)

Please email louise@geocentricoutdoors.com.au to register your interest. If possible include some basic details such as which positions you are interested in, your name, age, contact details and experience if applicable for the more specific positions.

The following specific volunteers are needed:

Checkpoint Officials – Require 20-24 volunteers to man various checkpoints on the course. Includes checking teams in and out and recording timing information. May require your own camping equipment depending on location.

Remote Area Checkpoint Officials – Require 6 volunteers capable of walking into remote areas to be CP officials. Must be reasonably fit and capable of carrying a backpack and being self sufficient for a number of days in a remote location.

Logistics Officials – Require 6 volunteers to assist with event logistics. Involves a large amount of driving and moving team equipment and event stores. Logistics officials get to see a lot of the course and are one of the most appreciated volunteers at the event.

Assistant First Response Team members – Require 4-5 volunteers to assist qualified First Response leaders. Duties include four-wheel driving, using radios and satellite phones, navigation, assisting with first aid and emergencies. Note though it also includes a lot of waiting, waiting, waiting!

Operations Officials – Require 2 volunteers to assist in race HQ with managing the event operations. Tasks include keeping team locations up to date, timing, and leaderboard, keeping communications with race CPs, logistic crews etc.

Media Team Assistants – Require 2 volunteer to assist the media teams to obtain the best coverage of the event. Tasks include assisting with media equipment, writing, driving tasks, interviews, photography, and filming.

Live Website Manager – Require 1 volunteer to assist run the race live website. Knowledge of Dreamweaver and Fireworks a must. Experience working with images preferred.