XPD 1st Edition - Broken Hill


Results – Excel Spreasheet

XPD 1st Edition Course

Location – Broken Hill Outback
Date – August 2004
Distance – approx 750km
Winners – AROC Mountain Designs
Winner Time – 5 days 2 hours 4 minutes
Last Team – Adisseo
Last Time – 9 days 5 hours 24 minutes
Disciplines – trek, mountain bike, kayak, mine explore, navigation
Started – 20 teams
Finished – 14 teams
Unranked Finish – 3 teams
Did Not Finish – 3 teams

Green = Trek, Orange = Mountain Bike, Blue = Kayak.

XPD Edition 1 – Images

All images taken by Gareth Dyer and from XPD 1st Edition.

Race Reports and Articles

Article by Australian Triathlete
Report by Team Vero
Report by Team Mawson

Race Videos

Video overview 1st Edition

Course Description

Course Map – Overview

There are 11 legs for the expeditions race, so the teams pass through 10 Transitions Areas (commonly known as TA’s) where they ‘transition’ from one discipline to another (eg change from traveling by mountain bike to traveling by kayak) At the TA’s they will have access to their preplaced supply crates which they spent all of Tuesday packing with appropriate equipment after the course details were revealed.

LEG 1 – takes teams from Broken Hill (Australia’s largest mining town) to Silverton TA1 (now a ghost town) via the Living Desert Sculptures and Daydream Mine.
Travelling: Mountain Bike
Distance: 50km

LEG 2 – takes teams north of Broken Hill to Eldee Station TA2
Travelling by: Trekking
Distance: 45km

LEG 3 – takes teams further north from Eldee Station to Byjerkano Station TA3
Traveling by: Mountain Bike (MTB)
Distance: 70km

LEG 4 – takes teams in a loop out and back to Byjerkano Station TA4
Discipline: Rogaining
Distance: 25km

LEG 5 – takes teams south and east via Sturts Meadows to Little Topar Roadhouse TA5
Travelling by: Mountain Bike
Distance: 110km

LEG 6 – takes teams from Little topar Roadhouse further south and east to Nelia Gaaro station TA6
Travelling by: Trekking
Distance: 75km

LEG 7 – takes teams along the river south west to Lake Weatherall main weir (Australia Inland Camp)TA7
Travelling by: kayak
Distance: 65km

Australia Inland Camp = compulsory 6 hour rest stop.

LEG 8 – is an extra loop for ‘Geocache’ out and back to the Australian Inland Camp in the Menindee area TA8
Travelling by: Mountain Bike
Distance: 35km

LEG 9 – takes teams south along the river to Bono station TA9
Travelling by: Kayak
Distance: 70km

LEG 10 – takes teams west and then north to Leonora Downs Woolshed TA10
Travelling by: Trekking
Distance: 40km

LEG 11 – takes teams north west back to Broken Hill for the finish at St Pats Hall.
Travellng by: Mountain Bike (MTB)
Distance: 110km